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Sue & Lulu: back on the telly

You know the kind of programme: an hour and a half of old clips, sellotaped together with a snide commentary, interspersed with “expert” comments from whichever has-been celebrities they could round up and drag into their studio. Channel 5’s The 80s: The Best of Bad TV (Saturday 27 June 2015) was a example of this […]

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Sue Menhenick – Passion in Moisture

Riverside 31/01/1983: Sue Menhenick dances to Mick Karn’s Passion in Moisture. An unusually arty appearance from Sue. Choreography is by Michael Ho, Sue’s partner is Ikky Maas. Riverside was a BBC2 arts programme. You can listen to Sue discuss this performance on a recent Siren FM guest appearance here. Thanks to forum regulars Andeebee for […]

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Flick Colby’s Ruby Flipper – Get Together

Lena’s Music, 8 August 1979: Flick Colby’s Ruby Flipper dance, Lena Martell sings: Get Together. From the old blog: Saturday, 11 February 2012: …it was a (US) hit for The Youngbloods in 1969. Many thanks to the erudite Pan’s Ruby Legs for the information. Further Update; It’s also known as “Let’s Get Together”, written in […]

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Legs & Co. – Use It Up and Wear It Out

TOTP Rehearsal, 9 July 1980: Legs & Co. dance to “Use It Up and Wear It Out” by Oddysey Attention Gill Fans: Make sure you’re sitting down before you watch the first few seconds of this routine. If you happen to be on heart medication, it’s probably worth taking a pill too. Although Top of […]

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Ruby Flipper – It Only Takes A Minute

Top of the Pops 15 July 1976: Lulu from Ruby Flipper, dances to It Only Takes A Minute by One Hundred Ton and a Feather. Creepy Old Guy Alert: If you have trouble seeing historical footage of weird showbiz blokes who’ve subsequently turned out to be creepy sexual predators… look away now. Let’s not mention […]

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Pan’s People – John I’m Only Dancing

Top of the Pops, 28 September 72: Ruth from Pan’s People dances to David Bowie’s John I’m Only Dancing. Here’s another rare clip, sent to me for the old blog by an anonymous donor. Back in those pre-pop-video days, Top of the Pops producers often commissioned these short films to use in lieu of unavailable […]

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Legs & Co. on Tiswas

Tiswas, 1 November 1980: Legs & Co. take part in the Flan Flinger Challenge. Wearing the outfits from their TOTP It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me routine, Legs & Co. sporting allow themselves to be cheated and humiliated on ITV’s anarchic alternative to the BBC’s Saturday morning “Swap Shop”. For those of you too […]

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Legs & Co. on Larry Grayson’s Generation Game

Larry Grayson’s Generation Game, 18 November 1978 Legs & Co (as Grayson’s Groovers) dance to The Bee Gees’ Night Fever There’s also an extended version posted by Andeebee on youtube. From the old blog, Sunday, 26 February 2012: This clip was recently posted over on by Flight14. Legs & Co. appear on the Larry […]

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Pan’s People – Barbara Allen

The John Denver Show, 3 June 1973 Babs Lord of Pans People wanders around looking beautiful in a bodice, while John Denver sings traditional folk ballad Barbara Allen. Child No. 84.

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Pan’s People – The Mermaid

The John Denver Show TX: 20/05/1973, Pans People comb their hair, while John sings The Mermaid. Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post. From the old blog, Saturday, 19 March 2011: Here’s another clip from John Denver’s 1974 BBC show. John sings The Mermaid while Pan’s People, dressed as mermaids, comb their hair and lure […]

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