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Ruby Flipper – Summer of My Life

Top of the Pops 14 october 1976: Lulu from Ruby Flipper dances while Simon May sings Summer of My Life. From the old blog, Thursday, 20 January 2011: Here’s another cutie-pie, Ruby-Flipper-era solo performance from Lulu. This time the bloke, Simon May, is merely smarmy, as opposed to the creepy guy in the last post. […]

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Ruby Flipper – Love Me Like A Lover

Top of the Pops 6 May 1976: Floid from Ruby Flipper dances to Tina Charles’ Love Me Like A Lover Nothing says “Nineteen Seventy-Six” like Tina Charles on Top of the Pops. Here’s a rare solo performance from Floid, dancing here while Tina sings.

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