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Pan’s People on “Night Club” 1972

Here’s an early christmas present, courtesy of forum regular Gaz: two extremely rare clips of Pan’s People performances from BBC2 Light Entertainment show “Night Club”. Both routines show evidence of the complex choreographic Flick Colby was capable of with enough reparation and rehearsal time, outwith the constant mad dash of TOTP production. 1. Nothing Can […]

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Pan’s People – Space Oddity

Top of the Pops 23 December 1975: Pan’s People dance to Space Oddity by Davis Bowie. Preceded by a pot calling a kettle black.

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Legs & Co. – Off the Wall

Top of the Pops 6 December 1979: Legs & Co. dance to Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall This routine has become infamous for the (mis)behaviour of two over-enthusiastic audience members: the wildly over-the-top geezer in the red v-neck pullover, grinning and clapping away (to his own beat, never mind the music) is most obvious. But […]

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