Legs & Co. – Can You Feel It

Top of The Pops, 2nd April 1981:
Legs & Co. dance to The Jacksons’ Can You Feel It.

It’s 1981, and New Romanticism is all the rage: everyone has to have a couple of puffy pirate shirts in their wardrobe, and Legs & Co., fashionable femmes all, are no exception. Here they combine their big blouses with principal-boy boots and big loose tunics for a routine with a strong pantomime feel, as they dance to the music of Michael Jackson – who’s whole life was a veritable pantomime.

From the old blog, Sunday, 27 March 2011:

This routine, Legs & Co. dancing to the Jacksons’ Can You Feel It, was first posted here ages ago by ilovelulu. Recently on the forum, Dave asked for a playable version, and PattiforPM has generously sent me a higher-quality copy of the clip. So here it is…

From TOTP, April 2 1981: the New Romantic movement, building from the late seventies, was well into the mainstream by this time: and the outfits here are based on a New Romantic fashion standard, the Pirate Look: long 17th-18th century nautical boots, long tunics and sashes over puffy shirts. Aharrr. Thanks to PattiforPM.

Download link (22.6 MB)


Suefan said…

And well worth an upgrade. Thanks guys. Great routine and I like the freeze frames. One thought, Pauline would have looked great in this one if she had still been around.
27 March 2011 10:54

PattiforPM said…

The ladies are on great form in this one I think. I love the New Romantic outfits and the leaps and dramatic poses.
27 March 2011 13:43

jez said…

fantastic routine this one ,thanks yet again mr p for sending this and as always ymg for posting it
29 March 2011 08:48

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