Legs & Co. – Egyptian Reggae

TOTP, 24th November 1977: Legs & Co. dance to Egyptian Reggae by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers.

From the old blog, Monday, 16 August 2010:

It’s Jonathan Richman Day here at OFTD. First up, here’s Legs & Co. dancing to Jonathan’s loopy instrumental hit, Egyptian Reggae.

By a process of elimination, we can work out that it must be Sue and Lulu inside the Camel costume. But who’s in the front, and who’s got the back hump?


74benja81 said…

Sue confirmed it on the Radio 2, on the Dance Troupe series, that it was her and Patti in the dancing Camel. Nothing to be ashamed of there Sue. If you watch closely at the Camels legs though, this is given away by Sue and Patti’s excellent rhythmic moves, and a wonderful dance formation of the two. Not forgetting the others as well. A simple and catchy song, and a nice post.Benja 🙂

23 December 2011 01:45

74benja81 said…

By the way, forgot to mention. Sue is in the front of the Camel, and Patti is in the back of the Camel, as mentioned by Sue on her Interview on Radio 2. Thanks for letting us know Sue. Benja 🙂

23 December 2011 01:49

74benja81 said…

Whoops! Actually, let me correct this. Sue said it was LuLu in the rear of the Camel. Soz LuLu for the mistake, you did a great Job by the way! Benja 🙂

1 January 2012 22:09

Update: “A very nice back end…”

Here’s Sue, Confirming Benja’s self-correction:


From Arlene Phillips’ Radio 2 documentary, Super Troupers in 2011.

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