Legs & Co. – You’re The One That I Want

Top of the Pops, 25 May 1978: Legs & Co dance to You’re The One That I Want by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

February 26. 2015: I don’t supposed anyone has been hanging on in breathless anticipation waiting for this post. Top of the charts for nine weeks in 1978, every regular TOTP viewer must have become heartily sick of the clip from Grease used to promote this record. But when it came to 2013, the BBC couldn’t afford the fees demand for the repeat from the film company, so instead they substituted this routine, for every episode they repeated.

Now I like this routine: the slightly crazy outfits, with the semi-see-through lacy skirts and the blue/green theme; performance is full of good-natured gusto all round, with Rosemary particularly chirpy; and it’s always nice to see a guest appearance from Floid, who gives a good account of himself here. But it was originally conceived for one performance only: and after four or five or six repeats, I was craving ONJ stamping out the cigarette, and Travolta bouncing about in the crazy house again.

However watching again for this repost, I’m relieved to find that the intervening eighteen months has rendered the routine refreshingly entertaining again. Phew.

By the way: Is it just my imagination, or do all of Legs & Co. have a little extra spring in their steps whenever Floid returns? It must be their respect for his technical expertise, I expect. Yes.

Thanks to YouTuber “TheGRStars” for the post.

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