Legs & Co. – Lay Your Love On Me

TOTP 23 November 1978: Sue from Legs & Co. dances with the little bloke from Racey, to Lay Your Love On Me.

From the old blog, Friday, 8 April 2011:

Here’s a third and final version of Sue’s jiving performance with the little bloke from Racey.

Thanks to Amy for sending me the clip (and Kace for giving her a hand). While it’s always great to see Sue perform, if I ever have to hear this tune again as long as I live, it’ll be to soon.

Update February 5 2013: I’ve been fixing embedded video on all three LYLOM clips: I’ve checked dozens of Racey clips on YouTube and elsewhere: this song will haunt me to my grave now.


Suefan said…

Thanks again to Amy and Kace and to YMG in persevering with this trilogy. Much appreciated. Well worth it too as Sue is pretty as a picture in pink today. Fancy not helping her up onto the piano.

8 April 2011 14:04

Some Guy said…

Amy and Kace, thanks for 3 these clips, but plesae tell me there isnt a fourth. I couldnt stand the sight of this little squirt with his paws on the Goddess Sue anymore, and this is the most nauseating of tunes also. At least Sue seems to be having a good time, but maybe shes just being the ultimate proffessional. Sorry girls if i appear to be ungrateful to you, but this clown from Racey is doing my head in, could be im jealous of this pint sized popster.

8 April 2011 16:49

PattiforPM said…

What a consumate professional Sue shows herself to be. Dancing with this twerp three times is truly impressive. Imagine the gratitude of the other girls for her ultimate sacrifice.

9 April 2011 15:36

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