Legs & Co – If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body

Top of the Pops, 6th September 1979: Legs & Co dance to If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me by the Bellamy Brothers.

Legs & Co. metaphorically dance along the tricky middle line between Elegance and Silliness, with their giant furry partners.

Thanks to ASmK for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Sunday, 26 December 2010:

Here’s Legs & Co. dancimg with some giant teddy bears, to The Bellamy Brothers tribute to cheesy chat-up lines: If I Said You had a Beautiful Body, Would You Hold it Against Me? Thanks to Suefan for contributing this routine.


Some Guy said:

wonderful stuff.
26 December 2010

Dee Larry said:

I have Giant Teddy Bears just like that one!
28 October 2011

Niall Young said:

The girls look absolutely gorgeous in the white dresses. I can only imagine the quandrie Flick and the producers had when interpreting the lyrics…I personally think this routine is the right side of being ‘too cute’…the right level of irony is achieved.

How great that you got a copy without the TOTP2 ticker at the bottom….! Keep up the good work Young Mister Grace…you’ve done very well!
1 June 2012

Young Mister Grace said:
Thanks for your kind words, Niall, but it’s Suefan who did the good work and found the clip, so lets thank him. Cheers!
1 June 2012

PattiforPM said:

Thanks guys. This is definitely one of those songs vastly improved by the Dancers for me. Such corny lyrics but as Niall says Flick et al did just the right thing and look delectable as well.
2 June 2012

Suefan said:

Oh to have been a Teddy Boy!
10 June 2012

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