Legs & Co. – I Wish

Top of the Pops, 23 December 1976:
Legs & Co. dance to I Wish by Stevie Wonder.

Thanks to panspeople.com for the youtube post.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Thanks to Bucksby, who has sent me this Legs & Co routine, one of the many posted on YouTube by nyrainbow4. Legs & Co. in drag, as Edwardian bankers, dancing to Stevie Wonder’s I Wish. With a shadow background appearance, unmmistakably by Floyd.


Some Guy said:

Ymg, ive only just noticed your giving Floyd labels, i take it its a on going thing as the poor chap as only amassed four so far. It should be in the thirties i reckon, anyway good luck if your working back !
5 May 2011 21:13

Suefan said:

Well I wish they had not been asked to dress in such a silly costume. This warrants further censure on the FC CV. It’s not another Smurf moment but it isn’t far away.
25 May 2011 08:32

Suefan said:

Thanks guys, I think.
I suppose this is meant as a fun routine but, call me old fashioned, it doesn’t work for me. It’s not as bad as those Smurfs (Well, what could be?) but that is about the best that can be said for it.
25 May 2011 12:05

Some Guy said:

Six mega fit woman,i know lets dress em up as blokes in suits, Flick it was a dumb idea!
25 May 2011 21:53

PattiforPM said:

Not my fave either but maybe we’re being a bit hard on our Goddesses’ Choreographer here. It is rather fun and, darn it all to hell, these girls are hot even in suits
26 May 2011 01:25

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