Pan’s People – Stoney End

Top of the Pops, 30 December 1971:
Pan’s People dance to Stoney End by Barbara Streisand.

From their famous visit to HMS Triumph in 1971, in Momabsa. Of course if we tried to repeat this today, now that we’re sharing aircraft carriers with France, Pan’s People would have to share the ship with Les Claudettes.

From the old blog, Tuesday, 28 June 2011:

Here are Pan’s People proving the strategic importance of having an aircraft carrier in your fleet. Where else are they going to be able to Dance to Barbra Streisand’s Stoney End properly? Oh, and you need a decent-sized submarine, too.

Many thanks to VintageVideos, who sent me this improved version of the clip: from TOTP, 30-12-1971


Suefan said…

Many thanks YMG although I’m not sure I can get fully onboard with the setting for this one.
Better refrain from any puns about the sub as I know it would only get me into deep water.
7 July 2011 11:31

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