Legs & Co. – Lately

Top of The Pops, 19 March 1981:
Legs & Co. dance to Lately by Stevie Wonder

From the old blog, Saturday, 12 March 2011:

Dramatic mood lighting? Bare feet? Wind machine? Must be Serious Ballad Time on TOTP. Here’s Legs & Co. dancing to Stevie Wonder’s Lately.

But wait: there’s another reason for all the sombre looks: as Some Guy points out in the comments, it’s Pauline’s final Legs appearance. Aw.


Some Guy said…

Goodbye and thankyou to lovely Pauline after this.
Not a fan of the low lighting and long shadows in this, but for me this is a quality routine all the same, and what a great song by Mr Wonder.
12 March 2011 08:44

Suefan said…

Your right Some Guy, it is a quality effort. That moment of repose close to the end is super.
12 March 2011 11:18

PattiforPM said…

Something primal about this that really appeals to me. I actually think the lightning contributes to the simplicity and style. All in all this one is great to relax a troubled mind for me
12 March 2011 16:44

jez said…

a sad time for the original line up of legs and co losing one of their mates who made her mark in history with the dance troupe
13 March 2011 09:43

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