Legs & Co. – As the time goes by

Top of the Pops, 3 September 1981:
Legs & Co. dance, as Funkapolitan perform As the time goes by.

A bunch of Limey funk pastiche merchants: with Legs & Co., in the gold, silver & bronze outfits they wore for Slow Hand in that same TOTP episode, working hard in the audience.

Thanks to neofunkyman1 for the youtube post.

From the old blog, Saturday, 16 April 2011:

Legs & Co. – As the Time Goes By
Let’s go back to 1981. Foppish white boys with floppy fringes were playing funky guitars in various post-punk bands, like Funkapolitan here. And Legs & Co. were increasingly being relegated to background dance-leaders on Top of the Pops.


Some Guy said…

The ultimate degradation being backing dancers to these spotty herberts, just soul destroying to watch. Sorry, i just can’t hack this late stuff. Dont wish to put a downer on things folks.
16 April 2011 08:49

Suefan said…

At least we have “Slow Hands” from the same show which is a good routine. A fast fist to the chops for the producer for this though. To think I thought some of the acts on the 1976 repeats were dross. Pure gold compared to thes clots.
17 April 2011 08:21

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