Legs & Co. – Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

TOTP: 20th October 1977: Legs & Co. dancing to the Carpemters’ Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft.

TOTP2 Version from lulupatti&sue

From the old blog, Monday, 13 December 2010:

Here’s Legs & Co. dancing to the Carpemters’ slightly kooky Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft. The girls are all wearing different outfits here: I can’t see any common thread, but that’s not surprising when the song is so weird.

It’s from TOTP2, so there’s the usual annoying block of trivia text obscuring the screen for a large chunk of the performance. And even more annoyingly, it’s discussing a different version of the song, by a different group. And it’s blocking a particularly fine example of Patti’s high-kicking too. Aargh.

Thanks to lulupatti&sue for the clip. The quality is not the best, but it’s a great routine, and one I haven’t seen before. Of course if anyone has a better quality version of the clip, please get in touch.


PattiforPM said…

YMG you are quite right this is a prime example of the TOTP2 butchering of clips. Why not put the useless block of info somewhere unobtrusive on the screen?? Still seeing the girls in these outfits is good for the soul no matter what so thanks a bunch
14 December 2010 01:59

Some Guy said…

Ymg and Pattiforpm. Love your subtle dig at the BBC`s totp 2. Reminds me of the other day when i received my reprimand. Ha,ha. Of course your dead right though. This clip was also ruined by the sight of the big hairy yeti popping up. Oh yeah i think Patti got the best cossie !

14 December 2010 22:18

Niall young said…

I remember seeing this when it was broadcast! …and yes, Patti’s costume was the best… fabulous stuff and I for one wonder when the BBC or other will produce a DVD featuring this and the best of PP, L&C… RF etc… we can only dream I guesss. so big thank you for sharing this ! 🙂

24 April 2012 12:59

Improved version from PattiforPM

From the old blog, Thursday, 24 February 2011:

I posted a version of Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft a while ago, that LuluPatti&Sue had sent me. Picture quality wasn’t all that great, and as a TOTP2 clip, it had big chunks of graphics spoiling our view of the performance.

Now PattiforPM has kindly sent in a much better version of the routine, without the graphical clutter. So now we can have a clear view of the whole performance, including those fantastic high kicks of Patti’s. Yippee!


Suefan said…

Another intriguing costume mix. A little more of my favourite hardball Tiger would not have gone amiss but hey, at least we’ve got to 1st base.
25 February 2011 00:18

PattiforPM said…

Personally I’m a Hockey fan and I’ve never wanted to cross the “Blue Line” so badly in a “Powerplay”

25 February 2011 00:23

Suefan said…

Well one can dream of a home run even if one strikes out.

25 February 2011 11:06

donna said…

great stuff and thanks p4pm

25 February 2011 14:41

Some Guy said…

Thanks for this P4Pm, so much better without the totp2 nonsense all over it.

25 February 2011 17:38

jez said…

This routine is always good to see … a whole lot better without the totp2 captions

25 February 2011 18:37

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