Pan’s People – John I’m Only Dancing

Top of the Pops, 28 September 72: Ruth from Pan’s People dances to David Bowie’s John I’m Only Dancing.

Here’s another rare clip, sent to me for the old blog by an anonymous donor.

Back in those pre-pop-video days, Top of the Pops producers often commissioned these short films to use in lieu of unavailable performers. Though dancers were oftener featured, Pan;’s people themselves rarely did: this one’s a rare exception.

Ruth seeems to be chased around some sort of industrial plant (oil refinery? gasworks?) by four bikers trying quite unsuccessfully to look threatening.

The location does ring bells: i know this kind of plant was often used to shoot science fiction stuff like Doctor Who, Doomwatch or Quatermass. Can anyone identify it?

Thanks to my generous, anonymous donor.

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