Sue & Lulu: back on the telly

You know the kind of programme: an hour and a half of old clips, sellotaped together with a snide commentary, interspersed with “expert” comments from whichever has-been celebrities they could round up and drag into their studio.

Channel 5’s The 80s: The Best of Bad TV (Saturday 27 June 2015) was a example of this tired old format. And Legs & Co. were amongst the targets. Nina Myskow and Toyah make the ludicrous proposition that L & C’s performances were “obscene”, Anne Diamond slams the TOTP presenters for their mildly sexist introductions, and Shaun Ryder insightfully reveals that people who like Legs & Co. were “teenage boys and dirty old men”.

To counter this clickbait nonsense, Sue Menhenick and Lulu Cartwright were on hand with some entirely sensible reminiscences. And Pete Waterman was his usual sensible self.

Anyway, for anyone who missed it, here’s the relevant bit:

Thanks to forum regular Pauline’s Dimples for this clip.

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