This Is Your Life: Babs Powell

I’ve no anniversary routine to share today, 28 November: so since it’s Babs’ birthday, here’s a repeat post of her appearance on This is Your Life, 15 November 2001.

From the old blog, Saturday 26 March 2011:

Here’s an almost complete edition of This Is Your Life, featuring Babs Powell (née Lord), featuring most of her PP mates, and yert another outing for that Porridge “Beautiful Babs” gag.


jez said…

the only one missing here and its a shame from the original line up is ansi, i often wonder why she has never kept in touch with the others
29 March 2011 08:50

PattiforPM said…

I always thought Babs came across as wholesome and full of grace and this clip just confirms that
26 March 2011 17:30

Suefan said…

Nice to see all the ladies from the “Classic” line-up and especially good to see our diminutive New Yorker. I just wish either (a) they stop trotting out Norman Stanley Fletcher or (b) stop feigning surprise/amusement at a gag that they must have all heard a thousand times. Full marks to Babs for her charity exploits as well, although all this showbiz backslapping makes me sick.
26 March 2011 09:00

Featuring what looks like a clip from the (otherwise unavailable) Who Do You Love by Juicy Lucy routine, from TOTP 26 March 1970, bookended by a creepy appearance from The Unacceptable One.

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

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