Legs & Co. – (Just Like) Starting Over

TOTP, 13 November 1980: Legs & Co. dance to John Lennon’s Starting Over.

From the old blog Thursday, 17 May 2012:

That generous PattiforPM has unearthed a clip of Legs & Co.’s transparent screen routine, to John Lennon’s (Just Like) Starting Over: it’s a big improvement on the version I previously posted, which the Holy Copyright Inquisition have had blocked anyway.

What’s the point of those screens anyway? I don’t see any figurative connection with the song at all. Unless they’re there to mask the wires on the robes, I suppose. Hey, I’ve just spotted a classic bit of literal choreography ay 0:41. Fly away!

Many thanks to PattiforPM for the clip.


Suefan said…

Thanks for posting another improvement YMG. It is always good to see the best copy available. In truth I’m neither a fan of the singer or this song. Not sure whether I do or don’t like Sue’s hair but it is certainly different.
18 May 2012 11:28

Some Guy said…

Well im a huge fan of the singer and i love the song, the world was robbed by his needless demise.I much prefer this routine to the soppy xmas tree performance and find all six girls looking incredably sexy in their respective outfits. The jury is definately out on Sues hair, but i think i will vote in favour of it.
18 May 2012 20:42

PattiforPM said…

The set design is a bit odd and distracting but striking I suppose. Likewise the clothes are uncoventional but suit the display. Patti looks lovely when in camera shot but all things considered this is not my favorite.
21 May 2012 01:10

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