The Beat Girls in Gonks Go Beat

Thanks to mojo2007 over on the OFTD forum, who’s pointed out that there’s a rare showing of daft sixties cult classic movie Gonks Go Beat (1965) on Talking Pictures TV this Friday.

Since the film’s main interest to the OFTD audience lies in young Babs Lord’s appearance as a member of the Beat Girls, I thought I’d share their dance routine from the film, as Kenneth Connor’s fevered dream:

The film itself is an indescribable mixture of sixties beat music, melodrama and comedy: well worth a watch for anyone with an interest in British popular culture. If you do watch, look out for Arthur “Yus My Dear” Mullard, Frank “Captain Peacock” Thornton and Kenneth “Carry On” Connor. fans of prog rock will appreciate the inclusion of the Graham Bond Organisation, including Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker.

Talking Pictures TV, Friday 16 September 2016, 16:00
Freeview 81 | Sky channel 343 | Freesat 306 | Youview 81

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