Zoo – Deutscher Girls

Top of the Pops $ March 1982: Zoo dance to Deutscher Girls by Adam and the Ants (choreography by Flick Colby).

Just occasionally, Legs & Co.’s successor dance group would get a chance to give their cheerleaders-amongst-the-audience stuff a rest and do some proper dancing. Here they dance to Deutscher Girls, which in my memory was an older Adam Ant recording re-released by a greedy record company too cash in on his sudden chart success, hence the lack of his signature tribal drums and twangy guitar sound.

Anyway the lederhosen and alpine hat parts of the costume seem fairly straightforwadly German, to go along with the songs subject matter: but string vests? Surely if the have any nationality associated with them it’s the Brit abroad, on a sunkissed beach, along with rolled-up trouser legs and a knotted hanky on the head.

Still, an energetic and enjoyable performance.

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