Pan’s People – HB Rovals Advert

Nothing exciting seems to have happened on 20 February in TOTP history, I’m afraid.

So instead, here’s a gem uncovered by forum regular Mikey, over on the Irish Film Institute’s site. Pan’s People dancing in smashing silver go-go boots in an advert for HB Rovals These chopcolates seem identical to the Macintosh’s Rolos I was eating as a child.

The voiceover guy has an almost-pure advertising mid-atlantic accent, with the merest hint of his Irish origins, for instance in the word “boite”/”bite”. And I’ve no idea who the blonde bloke at the end is.

There’s no date information on the IFI site beyond a vague “1970s”: but the presence of both Louise and Cherry means we can narrow that down to 1973 or early 1974.

Thanks to the IFI, and to Mikey. Apologies for taking ten months to feature this on the blog.-

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