Pan’s People – The Tango’s Over

Top of the Pops 13 September 1974:
Pan’s People dance to The Tango’s Over with singer Mick Robertson

Here’s the last of this batch of rare 1974 Pan’s people Performances. If you’re old enough to remember this, you’ll probably remember this singer’s day job as the presenter of ITV kids’ show Magpie. And should someone not have told him to stick to that day job?

The song is clearly in a key that’s just a little too high for him: which might be understandable in a karaoke situation, but this is after all his own record. And his rabbit-in-the-headlights stage fright performance here might be understandable in an amateur performer thrust on the stage, but he’s a seasoned showbiz performer, well used to the TV studio.

Still, what better way to mask his inadequacy than shove Pan’s people in fromt of him?

Choreography-wise, I suppose there’s not much else you do with a tango tune that’s got “Tango” in the title. But flick builds a reasonable entertaining routine around the song.

My thanks again to the anonymous donor of these routines.

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