Legs & Co. reunited on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Takeaway

Legs & Co. dance to We Are Family by Sister Sledge, on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Takeaway

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Sunday, 19 February 2012:

I’ve never been a fan of cheeky Geordie double-act Ant & Dec, so I missed this Legs & Co. appearance on their Saturday Takeaway in 2003. Since this appearance came up on our discussion board, I’ve searched in vain to find it. But some kind soul has finally sent it to me.

There’s one mystery: in a couple of brief long shots in the early portion, Patti is clearly there, at the end of the row (our left): but in the later dance sequence (to Sister Sledge’s We Are Family), she doesn’t appear. It can’t be that they only had six lettered jump-suits, surely?


carl said:

Excellent! I even bought the Ant & dec takeaway dvd in the hope that the routine would be on there (sadly it wasnt and I feel shameful about buying an Ant & Dec dvd) but hey great to see at last!
19 February 2012 09:14

Some Guy said:

Thanks to whoever sent this in, this is one of them missing jewels in the crown i thought we would never have on the blog. This is truely excellent, a real treat.
19 February 2012 10:45

PattiforPM said:

This is bloody brilliant. So great to see the ladies in this setting at last. Thanks so much for this YMG/SW
19 February 2012 15:22

Suefan said:

What a nice treat this is and all the girls (sorry ladies) look gorgeous. When your hot your hot. Period.
19 February 2012 10:06

Some Guy said:

This gets better after every view, must be 20 times now ive watched it. They say you never lose it and boy, do these ladies prove that theory. Wonderful stuff.
20 February 2012 19:19

Suefan said:

Your not wrong there Some Guy. This is just great and a big thank you to YMG/SW.
20 February 2012 21:09

Marshyman said:

Fantastic. They all look so happy to be there. I would to bring them together for a stage show to answer questions, review some of the routines and also speak to some of the boys now men who just adored them.If no one want to arrange, then I will. I know the O2 arena would be packed!!! Love you girls. Marshyman (Phil)
12 April 2012 21:41

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