Pan’s People – Silver Star

Top of The Pops, 29 April 1976: Pan’s People dance to the Four Seasons’ Silver Star.

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

Pan’s People’s final appearance on Top of the Pops, feature an emotional solo performance from Ruth, in the slow middle section.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 5 November 2008:

Pan’s People dance to the Four Seasons’ Silver Star: their last appearance on Top of The Pops, in April 1976.


74benja81 said…

I think this is Pans people’s last dance on TOTP, not sure though. Then Ruby Flipper took the lead for a little time in 1976. The fist time I saw this clip in 76, Ruth looks really upset, close to tears doing her solo dance, I was always wondering why this was so, until I saw this clip on UK Gold in 1993, then I found out it was her last dance was Pans. Her being upset, shows her total commitment and love of being with Pans and being a dancer. Have to mention, A very young Sue looks cute hear as always, and matured beautifully every year. Nice post. Benja 🙂
15 December 2011 21:35

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