Pan’s People – Yesterday

Top of the Pops, 25 march 1976: Pan’s People dance to The Beatles’ Yesterday.

From the old blog, Friday, 26 August 2011:

Yet another generous contribution from PattiforPM: here are Pan’s People dancing to the Fab Four’s Yesterday, part of the great Beatles reissued-singles chart onslaught of 1976.


Some Guy said…

Thanks P4PM, another late PP treat, dont remember this dance first time round. Like the imaginative choreography with the large circular steps and love Cherrys dead pan stare at 1.17 also. All super stuff.
27 August 2011 08:39

Suefan said…

Like Ryan I like the choreography; the costumes, now that’s another matter.
27 August 2011 15:14

PattiforPM said…

I too love Cherry’s commanding performance here. The costumes are a little strange, perhaps biblical grass skirts but I’m not sure. Where’s Ms Emmapeelpants our resident fashionista when we need her?
29 August 2011 01:57

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