Legs & Co – Let’s All Chant

TOTP 20 April 1978: Legs & Co dance to The Michael Zager Band’s Let’s All Chant.

I’ve come round to liking these giant pom-pom outfits much more over the last five years, silly though they are. And I love the choice of Lulu for the close-up in the video mix during the “classical” middle bit. Concentration is written all over her face – as is the relief in her relaxed smile to camera when the music and dance switch back to disco. Peter Powell’s “second dose” comment refers to their previous appearance in that same episode, dancing to the Bee Gees Night Fever. What a show!

From the old blog, Thursday, 25 June 2009:

Legs & Co dance to The Michael Zager Band’s Let’s All Chant on TOTP. Although the competition is both fierce an stiff, I’d vote for these outfits as the silliest costumes legs & co ever had to wear.


74benja81 said…

A euro dance tune with a Space like feel to it, which was one of the fad’s back then from 1977/80, i.e. bands and songs like Shelia B and Devotion, War of the worlds, Super nature, and Magic fly, etc. etc. I really like this clip and dance by Legs and Co. for two reasons. Firstly it’s a quite a difficult song to dance too, and Legs do it brilliantly of course. Lulu looks a bit carried away with it all though lol. Secondly, there is a lot of focus on Sue in this clip, which makes me very happy of course! Good clip. Benja 🙂
9 December 2011 00:46

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