Legs & Co. – Tokyo Joe

Top of the Pops 26 May 1977: Legs & Co. dance to Bryan Ferry’s Tokyo Joe

Thanks to panspeople.com for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Saturday, 16 June 2012:

I had assumed that the murky dark lighting was a function of the quality of the VHS recording, but it’s just as dark on this version. What’s going on? I can only assume they’ve kept the lighting low in order to show that the paper “lanterns”* are lit from inside. But if the lanterns are so important, What about the one with the obvious tear? The whole routine’s shot from a single camera postion (well, tracking in and out a little), so it could easily have been hung at a different angle. I dunno.

*Looking a lot like cheapo habitat paper & wire lampshades to me.


Suefan said…

Thanks for this better copy YMG as, apart from the style of lighting, there is much to enjoy in this dance. As usual Flick brings an unexpected element to her concept. Feisty Geishas. I like it.
16 June 2012 09:27

PattiforPM said…

As we’ve said this is too dark but on rewatching I am sure I was wrong about it being a replacement routine as the Dance is too well organised and the costumes and set too coordinated. Also there are some good moves and all told I think I gave this one a bad rap first time around.
17 June 2012 05:09

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