Ruby Flipper – Dancing with the Captain

Top of the Pops 7 October 1976: Lulu and Sue of Ruby Flipper dance behind Paul Nicholas who sings Dancing with the Captain.

A fairly obvious choice of outfits and moves here, as I remarked in the old blog, but lightweight jokey pop songs like this almost demand a bit of knowing jokiness in their interpretation.

Paul Nicholas at this point was blurring the distinction between pop-star and actor-playing-pop-star. As a snobby music purist teenager, I hated this with righteous rage. Now it just seems like a bit of fun: made more delightful with some apt, light-handed choreography.

From the old blog, Friday, 31 July 2009:

Here are Lulu and Sue on TOTP, in nautical outfits doing a few hornpipe steps, behind Paul Nicholas, who’s singing Dancing with the Captain. Yes, it’s literal references time again.

Although both went on to become members of Legs & Co., Lulu & Sue were members of Ruby Flipper at this point.

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