Legs & Co. – Blue Peter

Top of the Pops, 20 December 1979:
Legs & Co. dance to Mike Oldfield’s version of the Blue Peter theme.

The nautical theme to the outfits, and the hornpipe steps incorporated into the performance, reflect the original show: the theme tune is actually called “Barnicle Bill” and is written in the form of a sailors’ hornpipe.

I seem to have mistakenly posted this routine twice on the old blog. I can’t seem to find any record of the initial posting, but the second post is fairly amusing: particularly the way it starts out, since I continue on to make some more embarrassing errors.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 3 October 2012:

Isn’t it great to be proven wrong?

No sooner do I gabble on about “historic milestones”, and having every existing legs & Co. routine on the blog, than immediately Betaman31252 posts a rarity on YouTube: Legs & Co. on Blue Peter, in nautical outfits, dancing to Mike Oldfield’s then-new rocked-up version of their theme tune. Hooray for wrongness! Hooray for Betaman31252!

If this was an olympic gymnastic sport, Gill and Lulu would lose points for tiny faults in their, erm, “dismount” i suppose you’d call it. But it isn’t so they don’t. Gold medals all round.

Update: Well, if I like being proven wrong, I’m having triple fun with this clip. Sensible folks PattiforPM and Ryan have pointed out (1) It’s not Blue Peter, it’s TOTP, and (2) I’ve already posted this clip, here, on Friday, 9 September last year. Sorry folks. I’m working too hard. That’s my excuse. My brain hurts.


Niall young said…

Great to see this…I only just recently got a box set of Mike Oldfield remasters and was playing this to my daughter (she loves Blue Peter)…I think I might show her this performance too…brilliant!
3 October 2012 20:40

PattiforPM said…

Just FYI, this is not the Blue Peter programme performance by Legs but I believe it’s a version of the TOTP performance of this song without you know who’s intro.
3 October 2012 22:55

Niall young said…

Yes, I know it’s not BP…I did show it to my daughter…she thought it was awful!
3 October 2012 23:11

Some Guy said…

…I thought I’d seen this before on OFTDs and it was posted on 09/12/11.
5 October 2012 22:12

YoungMister Grace said…

Duh! I’m going to blame this on overwork. My brain is fried. Sorry for the duplicate post, folks.
7 October 2012 15:02

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