Legs & Co. – The Shuffle

Top of the Pops, 19 May 1977:
Legs & Co dance to The Shuffle by Van McCoy.

These lovely turkish dancing girl outfits have little or nothing to do with the music: but frankly, who cares? Though with a dance group named “Legs & Co.”, it would never do to cover them up with the full-on traditional harem pants: so the talented costume designers have removed the pants’ inside legs, exposing their eponymous pins. I approve.

From the old blog, Saturday, 30 April 2011:

This rouine was first posted long ago by ilovelulu, before I began including embedded video for each post: so I thought it was time I added a watchable version.


Suefan said…

Thanks for posting this one again YMG as it is amongst my favourites. Subtle little dance and have harem trousers even been worn more fetchingly? I think not.
30 April 2011 12:01

PattiforPM said…

Haven’t watched this one in quite a while and I must say it’s a pleasure to see the early Legs & Co in great kit and fine form and I like the pairings (Flick would make a good Ryder Cup Captain too perhaps but I digress)
30 April 2011 14:52

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