Pan’s People – Everything’s Tuesday

Top of the Pops, 25 February 1971: Pan’s People dance to Everything’s Tuesday by Chairman of the Board.

From the old blog, Friday, 29 April 2011

Here’s another clip I found on YouTube a while ago: Pan’s People dancing to Chairman of the Board’s Everything’s Tuesday. Thanks to katy miss queenie, who sent me a copy of this routime recently.

I’m no expert on the fashion scene in 1971, so I’ve no idea if there’s a correct term for these trousers they’re wearing. Or the whole suit, even.


Some Guy said…

Sounds like the singers saying` I wanna spank her`, or is that my gutter mind playing tricks with me.
29 April 2011 14:49

jez said…

You said it mate.
29 April 2011 21:07

PattiforPM said…

Strange song, odd outfits, whole thing’s quirky and maybe this is a subcommittee and not the Chairman after all. Maybe your lyrics would be better Ryan
29 April 2011 22:58

My appeal for a definitive period name for these outfits, just so 1971 darling, has had no response, so I’ll have to have a go myself: I’d call them French Flared Culotte Suits.

Archival Fashionistas, please give me a better name as you rush to heap derision upon me.

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