Legs & Co. – Nights on Broadway

Top of the Pops, 4 August 1977: Legs & Co. dance to Candi Staton’s Nights on Broadway.

Update: an anonymous contributor has sent me a more complete version of this routine: while the previously posted version was 1 minute 42 seconds long, this one comes in at 2 minutes 16. That’s a whole 34 seconds more! Many thanks.

From the old blog, Tuesday, 5 February 2013:

Jings! Here’s another long lost Legs & Co. clip that’s turned up on YouTube, and been found by Flight14 over on panspeople.com: this time it’s Candi Staton’s Nights on Broadway from TOTP, Thursday 4th August 1977.

There are a couple of little fluffs here (and a big one from Rosie, right at the start – 0:06) so perhaps this is a dress rehearsal rather than the broadcast performance?

My suggestion that fluffs implied that this was a rehearsal was corrected over on the discussion forum by Sue Menhenick herself:

we very, very, rarely got to do retakes on our routines… recording time of the show was done with preference to the bands and the D.Js links, and often technical errors or breakdowns. Taping started at 7.00pm and had to be over by 9.00pm at the latest.

…There are some routines where really big mistakes went on, and they still let it go out regardless… Flick used to say that perhaps the only way to start again was to fall off the set!

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