Pan’s People – Paperback Writer

Top of the Pops, 8 April 1976: Pan’s People dance to Paperback Writer by The Beatles.

Cherry, Mary, Ruth and Sue dance among paperback book racks of the sort only now seen in charity shops, clutching open books.

In early 1976, EMI re-launched* all of their Beatles singles catalogue, along with a new single release of Yesterday (already a hit in America in 1965, it was only originally released as an album and EP track in the UK). Here’s one of the couple that made it into the charts on relaunch, the 1966 hit Paperback Writer. The song had been kept alive in the public’s ear through its use as a theme tune to Read All About It, Melvyn Bragg’s BBC book review programme.

* Realunched, as opposed to re-released: all the singles had remained available in the EMI catalogue since their original release: none had been deleted.

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