Legs & Co. – Together We Are Beautiful

Top of the Pops, 6 March 1980: Legs & Co. dance to Together We Are Beautiful by Fern Kinney.

From the old blog, Friday, 11 March 2011:

Here are Legs & Co. dressed as colour-coded, shades-wearing fairy princesses, dancing to Fern Kinney’s Together We Are Beautiful. Interspersed with pictures of famous couples, including our own Pauline’s wedding photograph at 1:36. I don’t recognise the couple at 0:44 (and famous people I don’t recognise usually turn out to be sporty folk).

Thanks once again to PattiforPM for this clip.

One thing about the routine that I missed mentioned first time round: we briefly see cutout figures that they’re pushing around on a table, in the manner of a World War II air force control room:. The figures all look like they’re drawn by Dave McKee, whose most famous creation is Mr. Benn. I don’t know if all of the figures are from the same TV show, or how they came to be included. So perhaps the girls are not fairies but in fact Fates, directing people’s love lives?

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