Legs & Co – Feel The Need In Me

Top of the Pops 30th Jun 1977:
Legs & Co dance to Feel The Need In Me by the Detroit Emeralds.

Legs & Co. as showgirls in mourning, dancing to a seventies soul classic in these lovely little black dresses.

Pan’s People’s outfits tended to be drawn from whatever was fashionable at the time, leavened with the odd “thematic” outfit. Legs & Co. by contrast would often appear in more traditional showbiz outfits like these ones. Perhaps a sign of the reactionary, recession feeling of the late seventies.

I’ve no idea why Rosemary and Gill have been segregated to their own split screen domains. I recall wondering if their performances were recorded separately, perhaps true to some avoidable delay. But then I saw this outtake clip, from Andeebee:

The false start gives the game away: all six dances are performing together.

Thanks to ASmK and Andeebee for the YouTube posts.

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