Legs & Co. – Fantasy

Top of the Pops, 2nd March 1978:

Legs & Co. dance to Earth, Wind & Fire’s Fantasy.

From the old blog, Friday, 11 February 2011:

Thanks to PattiforPM, who sent me this clip: Legs & Co. dancing to Earth, Wind & Fire’s Fantasy.

Someday, someone will write the definitive history of scaffolding In Pop TV. It will cover everything from Granada TV’s Don’t Knock The Rock in 1965, through the BBC’s Something Else in 1978, to the Young One’s Nozin’ Aroun’. And of course this clip must get a mention.


jez said…

another wonderful routine with thanks to a wonderful bloke who keeps sending these brilliant clips patti4pm and once again thanks to ymg
11 February 2011 13:05

Some Guy said…

YMG. I love your sense of humour regarding your scaffolding intro. The Young ones `Nozin aroun` with a young Ben Elton was classic tv. Not seen that for years, must go and dig out the dvd with that on, wonder if its still as funny ?
11 February 2011 16:52

Re. my scaffolding cultural references: Don’t Knock the Rock and Nosin’ Aroun’ are both available on YouTube.

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