Legs &Co. – Love Hit Me

Top of the Pops, 7 April 1977:

Legs & Co. dance to Love Hit Me by Maxine Nightingale

From the old blog, Sunday, 13 February 2011

Not so much literal interpretation as a simple gag based on the song title: Legs &Co. in the boxing ring, biffing each other to Maxine Nightingale’s Love Hit Me. Thanks to PattiforPM for this goofy but fun routine.


jez said…

brilliant p4pm dont know how u got hold of this clip but thank you
17 February 2011 19:55

Suefan said…

Superb routine – great dancing, great costumes, great choreography. Great.
18 February 2011 12:20

74benja81 said…

Love Sue’s straight left at Rosie at the beginning of the dance routine lol. I must say it looked very fast and quite accurate if it had connected to the opponent(Rosie). I think the dance routine would have ended there lol. Coming from, let us say a connoisseur of participating in this line of sport for twenty years. Going back to the routine though, to sum it up in two words: It’s a Knockout. Benja 🙂
24 May 2012 11:16

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