Legs & Co. – It’s My Turn

Top of the Pops, 29 January 1981:

Legs & Co. dance to It’s My Turn by Diana Ross

All looking magnificently moody in this piece, as each dancer takes a turn in the spotlight in their posh frock. I reckon Sue’s outfit is the one that sets this clip firmly in the eighties.

From the old blog, Friday, 5 February 2010:

Legs & Co. on TOTP, dancing to Diana Ross’s It’s My Turn in party frocks. I think Sue has drawn the short-straw, frock-wise.


Some Guy said…
See what you mean about Sue – but what’s Pauline come as?
29 December 2010 23:41

PattiforPM said…

Yes they are all very fine in this routine.
14 April 2012 19:58

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