Legs & Co. – Please Don’t Go

Top of the Pops, 10th January 1980: Legs & Co. dance to Please Don’t Go by KC & the Sunshine Band.

A treat for Gill fans, as she gets a couple of spotlights here.

Everyone does well keeping the melancholy atmosphere of this sad ballet going, even though somebody has left the studio door open and that January breeze is fair whipping up.

From the old blog, Friday, 11 May 2012

The embedded video on my previous post of this routine seem to be broken: and since PattiforPM Suefan (thanks!) has sent me a better quality version of the same routine, I thought it deserved a new post. So here are Legs & Co. dancing to KC & the Sunshine Band’s Please Don’t Go.


Some Guy said…

Gillian is just wonderful in this, a truely beautiful woman. By far my favourite KC song too. Thanks Suefan for this improved version.
11 May 2012 16:47

carl said…

Yes I agree with Ryan regarding Gill, she is stunning in this. I like the song too, I don’t recall it at the time (too young) but I remember the KWS dance version from 1992 very well.
11 May 2012 17:50

Adorable Gillusion said…

Thank you Suefan for posting this, i was desperate to see Gill in this one and she didn’t disappoint….absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Love you Gill.
11 May 2012 19:49

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