Pan’s People – Girl Talk

The Jack Jones Show, 20th January 1974:
Pan’s People bathe while Jack sings Girl Talk.

From the old blog, Friday, 11 July 2014:

Here’s a Pan’s People routine that’s definitely from The Jack Jones Show. I can be sure of it, because Jack himself is in it. Lucky old Jack gets to sit around in a Middle Eastern boudoir and sing “Girl Talk” while Pan’s People take a leisurely bath. What, no dancing?

But soon enough they’re climbing out of the bath and into towels, with some nifty camera movements protecting their modesty. Then there’s a little pause to adjust those towels. Actually it’s quite a long pause. What’s going on?

Aha! One by one, the towels are cast aside to reveal fabulously skimpy harem belly-dancer-type outfits. Now the general arabian nights decor is staring to make sense. And the dancing begins. From the same edition of the Jack Jones Show, as the Life is What You Make It clip I posted last week, broadcast 20th January 1974.

I’m grateful to two contributors who both separately sent me this clip: my recent anonymous donor, and long-time contributor PattiforPM. Since the anonymous version has an electronic timecode in picture, I’ve posted PattiforPM’s timecode free version.

Why the coincidence? I can only assume that they were both sitting watching Top of the Pops last week, eagerly awaiting Legs & Co., when this Dave Edmunds number reminded them of something…

My thanks to both Anonymous and PattiforPM for their time and generosity.


mojo2007 said…

As A 14 year old I saw Kismet in London, my love of fake Arabian outfits dates from that show. OK there’s not much dancing but I don’t care.
11 July 2014 16:24

Young Mister Grace said…

Thanks mojo: if you like this, you’ll love this scene from the Monkee’s “Head”:
11 July 2014 16:29

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