Pan’s People – Hip-Hug Her

Update, 13 February 2015: broken video clip replaced.

Here’s a Pan’s People performance from their residency on The Two Ronnies (1973-4): dancing to Booker T and the MGs, “Hip-Hug Her”.

From the old blog, Thursday, 5 June 2014:

I think the lack of stress here is palpable: This is a seasoned dance group and choreographer, used to working week-in, week-out on a shown where they often have a mere two days to create and rehearse a full routine. By contrast, here they get to select the music: and though it’s a weekly show, they won’t ever have to scrap the routine and start again halfway through the week. The result is a relaxed, fun performance of a routine which, while light-weight, is nonetheless complex and sophisticated. All of the dancers are on top form, including the sainted Louise: Ruth just shines, and I don’t think I’ve seen a better performance from Dee Dee.

Magical Stuff.

Thanks to for the YouTube post.

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