Legs & Co. – Supernature

Top of the Pops, 17 August 1978: Legs & Co. dance to Supernature by Cerrone.

From the old blog, Friday, 26 November 2010:

Here’s another contribution from lulupatti&sue: Legs & Co. dancing to Cerrone’s Supernature. Starting out as lab technician dolls, they transform into Hollywood Cavegirls, with those rawhide & fur bikinis that all stone age women must have worn.

I’ve always associated this tune with Hot Gossip, since it was used so much on Kenny Everett’s original Video Show; this performance is new to me. So thanks, lulupatti&sue.


Russ said…

I must register my disappointment, I suspect shared by “Private” Peacock, at the transformation from respectable well-dressed bespectacled scientists into unnecessarily hot,cavorting semi-naked Raquel Welch lookalikes: but here’s hoping lulupatti&sue keeps posting!
26 November 2010 21:40

Some Guy said…

Not seen this one before,lulupatti&sue,you`ve obviously got some pretty decent stuff there. Keep up with your good work. This was sexier than hot gossip.
27 November 2010 21:12

From the old blog, Thursday, 26 May 2011:

I posted a clip of Legs & Co. dancing to Cerrone’s Supernature on Top of the Pops a while ago: but Amy has kindly sent me a new, much higher quality: here it is: with rosy-cheeked scientists, fur-bikini cavegirls, and Rosie’s giant banana. Thanks Amy!

Connoisseurs of terrible jokes, so cruelly deprived of Tony Blackburn’s “wit” in my recent Pan’s People post, will enjoy Noel Edmund’s gag in his introduction. Everyone else: beware!

Download from Rapidshare (20.8 MB)


Suefan said…

Thanks Amy. Now this is the sort of stuff I Wish for, although at only two and a half minutes I could have done with a little More More More.
And who else would Flick pick. From Benghazi to Eden there could only be one Eve!
26 May 2011 09:37

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