Legs & Co. – Some Girls Compilation

From December 31 2014:

Here’s a special New Year’s Present from none other than Sue Menhenick. From her personal collection, it’s a different edit of the Christmas Some Girls video compilation we’ve seen already. In this version, there’s a lot less Racey and a lot more Legs & Co. The general picture quality is a considerable improvement too.

Thanks to Sue for the kind gift, and for the support and encouragement she’s given to the OFTD forum. And a happy new year to everyone!

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Pan’s People – Jeepster

Top of the Pops, 30 December 1971: Pan’s People dance to Jeepster by T-Rex.

I’ve got two different versions of this performance. The first (Above) is a good quality version from TOTP2, marred with their usual “interesting” comments graphics.

The second is a time-coded version including brief interviews with Pan’s People and Ed “Stewpot” Stewart, in a rakish eyepatch. Unfortunately, there’s no audio during the interviews, but we do see that lucky old Stewpot gets a kiss from each of the girls (except Flick). Judging by the timecode breaks, Ed’s behavious and the brief snatches of other artists, these interviews were dotted around that week’s show, between songs.

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Pan’s People – Stoney End

Top of the Pops, 30 December 1971:
Pan’s People dance to Stoney End by Barbara Streisand.

From their famous visit to HMS Triumph in 1971, in Momabsa. Of course if we tried to repeat this today, now that we’re sharing aircraft carriers with France, Pan’s People would have to share the ship with Les Claudettes.

From the old blog, Tuesday, 28 June 2011:

Here are Pan’s People proving the strategic importance of having an aircraft carrier in your fleet. Where else are they going to be able to Dance to Barbra Streisand’s Stoney End properly? Oh, and you need a decent-sized submarine, too.

Many thanks to VintageVideos, who sent me this improved version of the clip: from TOTP, 30-12-1971


Suefan said…

Many thanks YMG although I’m not sure I can get fully onboard with the setting for this one.
Better refrain from any puns about the sub as I know it would only get me into deep water.
7 July 2011 11:31

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Pan’s People – Without You

Top of the Pops, 28 December 1972: Pan’s People dance to Nilsson’s Without You. Featuring Cherry’s debut.

From Digging the Dancing Queens, 1994:

Flick Colby: “She came out of this package and she just looked adorable: and then we did the worst number I’ve every seen in my life: and we had these big lumpy dresses on.”

From the old blog, Monday, 21 March 2011:

We had a little bit of out-of-season Christmas magic last week with Sir Duke. Here’s a bit more unseasonable cheer: Pan’s People dancing to Nilsson’s Without You. But first, the famous moment when Toe-Knee Back-Bum gives them their Christmas present: Cherry’s debut. And for a brief moment between introductions (about 0:31), we see TB as he truly is: a Soul-less Light Entertainment Zombie.

The other famous trivia fact about this clip is how much Flick hated these big puffy white dresses. And I can see what she means. Any Seinfeld fans who’ve seen the Puffy Shirt episode will have no trouble imagining what went on in Pan’s People’s dressing room before this performance.


jez said…

Yes ymg this routine was the one flick descibed as the worst number she had ever seen, great big lumpy dresses were her words, pheraps when she chose them that day with the wardrobe department she was suffering from an hangover and couldent be bothered, i see nothing wrong with the routine myself i like it, the harry nilsson song is a great classic tune as well ,but one played more if you have just been dumped or someone has just passed over to the higher side of life i would imagine.
21 March 2011 09:28

Suefan said…

Not a fan of Mr B then YMG, but then so few are. I’m at one with FC on the dresses but the number works well. Great to have such a quality recording of Cherry’s arrival. If only we could find similar quality for 6 June 74. However, many thanks.
21 March 2011 15:20

Some Guy said…

Indeed Suefan i agree with you there. I thoroughly loved this, and even the sight of TBs false smiling did not diminish my enjoyment of it. It must be so much easier for the girls to dance to classics like this, than some of the dross they did dance to.
21 March 2011 18:05

carl said…

I was reading Tony’s poptastic biography (it was available in Poundland or a while) and he states that at the time he was never close or friendly with the girls in Pans people although he gets on well with Babs now. I would have thought the DJs/hosts would have got on well with the girls.

18 May 2011 09:11

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Legs & Co. – I Will Survive

Top of the Pops Christmas Special (Part 2), 27 December 1979:
Legs & Co. dance to Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”.

Looking moody in glamorous green sequinned outfits, Gill, Lulu, Pauline, Rosemary and Sue dance upstairs, as Patti roller-skates around the skinny tinsel Christmas tree downstairs.

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Pan’s People – Spirit In The Sky

Top Of The Pops Christmas (Special Part 2) 27 December 1973:
Pan’s People dance to Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum.

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Pan’s people – I Can’t Give You Anything

Top of the Pops Christmas Day Special, 25 December 1975:
Pan’s people dance to the Stylistics’ I Can’t Give You Anything

A classic christmas-themed routine, as Pan’s People perform in giant ribbon-bow outfits on a giant wrapped christmas present. Plenty of Busby Berkeley style birds-eye view shots.

From the old blog, Saturday, 9 May 2009:

Pan’s People on the Top of the Pops 1975 Christmas Special, dancing to the Stylistics’ I Can’t Give You Anything. With a cheesy introduction from Noel Edmunds and Tony Blackburn.

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Pan’s People – Barbados

Top of the Pops Day-before-Christmas-Eve Special, 23 December 1975: Pan’s People dance to Barbados by Typically Tropical.

Pan’s People in a typical wintery landscape, complete with snowman and TV studio fake snow, shivering in their big fur coats as they try to keep warm. But how will they represent the tropical beaches, sunshine and heat that the song portrays so vividly? What surprising technique will they use to represent the hot summer sun of Barbados?

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Legs & Co. – I Wish

Top of the Pops, 23 December 1976:
Legs & Co. dance to I Wish by Stevie Wonder.

Thanks to panspeople.com for the youtube post.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Thanks to Bucksby, who has sent me this Legs & Co routine, one of the many posted on YouTube by nyrainbow4. Legs & Co. in drag, as Edwardian bankers, dancing to Stevie Wonder’s I Wish. With a shadow background appearance, unmmistakably by Floyd.


Some Guy said:

Ymg, ive only just noticed your giving Floyd labels, i take it its a on going thing as the poor chap as only amassed four so far. It should be in the thirties i reckon, anyway good luck if your working back !
5 May 2011 21:13

Suefan said:

Well I wish they had not been asked to dress in such a silly costume. This warrants further censure on the FC CV. It’s not another Smurf moment but it isn’t far away.
25 May 2011 08:32

Suefan said:

Thanks guys, I think.
I suppose this is meant as a fun routine but, call me old fashioned, it doesn’t work for me. It’s not as bad as those Smurfs (Well, what could be?) but that is about the best that can be said for it.
25 May 2011 12:05

Some Guy said:

Six mega fit woman,i know lets dress em up as blokes in suits, Flick it was a dumb idea!
25 May 2011 21:53

PattiforPM said:

Not my fave either but maybe we’re being a bit hard on our Goddesses’ Choreographer here. It is rather fun and, darn it all to hell, these girls are hot even in suits
26 May 2011 01:25

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Legs & Co. – Love’s Unkind

TOTP, 22 December 1977: Legs & Co. dance to Donna Summer’s Love’s Unkind.

From the old blog, Friday, 18 November 2011:

Here’s another update to an old, non-embedded clip post. This time, Legs & Co. dance to Donna Summer’s Love’s Unkind. Lots of classic literal interpretation here. I would observe that the set decor seems to have an “Homage to Tetris” theme, except I’m pretty sure this clip predates the addictive Russian game by a few years. So Tetris is, in fact, a tribute to this dance routine! Or something. Yay!


Suefan said…

Well it must be those hats as whenever I watch this routine I think of Bertie Bassetts liquorice allsorts. Good to see Pauline and Rosie getting a little more camera time than is the norm but there’s still only one little sweetie for me.

18 November 2011 09:53

PattiforPM said…

Yes the ladies are rather like “candies” in this one, as we would say on this side of the Atlantic. Bright and sweet and I can’t let this one go without mentioning Patti hitting the 300 mark on the Blog. Congratulations

18 November 2011 14:58

Some Guy said…

Thanks for posting this YMG, quite simply my favourite Legs & Co routine ever. Those pink and yellow outfits do it for me, love the dance moves also.

18 November 2011 16:29

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