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Legs & Co. – One Day In Your Life

Two performances from Legs & Co., dancing to Michael Kackson’s One Day In Your Life.

version 1: 4 June 1981 (repeated 2 July)

Version 2: 25 June 1981

Help ma boab. Both of these performances were repeated, but I’m guessing the dates by the presenters mentioned in Popscene’s listings. I’m sure some knowledgable forum members will correct me if I’ve got it wrong.

Thanks to Lee Nichols for this youtube posting.

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Legs & Co. – Ain’t No Stopping (Enigma)

Top Of The Pops 28th May 1981:
Legs & Co. dance to Ain’t No Stopping by Enigma.

Not to be confused with Ain’t No Stopping Us Now by McFadden & Whitehead, this is, of course one of those Frankenstein disco medley records that clogged up the pop charts back in the early eighties.

But of course the main significance of this performance is the induction of Anita Chellamah into the Legs & Co. family.

According to YMG’s Laws of TV Choreography, if a dance group appears at the start of a routine wearing capes, those capes will be discard within the first half of the routine to reveal skimpy outfits underneath.

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Legs & Co. – Back to The Sixties Part 2

TOTP 8 October 1981: Legs & Co dancing to Back to The Sixties Part 2 by Tight Fit

From the old blog, Tuesday, 26 April 2011:

Here’s another clip from late in Legs & Co’s TOTP period: leading the audience dancing, while whichever out-of-work actors Tight Fit’s producers had hired that week mime to Back to The Sixties (part 2 I believe).


Suefan said…

As we approach the nadir at least we get to see something, not much but something, of the girls in this one but surely those red and white outfits deserved closer inspection. As to the bunch of freaks on the stage, nuff said, although I would have liked to pinch that pink jacket. I’m sure it would have looked good with my yellow trousers and blue cravat…no?

26 April 2011 08:24

Some Guy said…

Just when i thought 81 coudnt get any worse,this one crops up. Legs & Co really should be on the centre stage here, replacing these miming buffoons.

26 April 2011 17:04

PattiforPM said…

Yes one has to ask why did we need this “band” at all? Surely our dancers would have represented this “song” so much better without the amateurs hogging the stage.

27 April 2011 04:11

jez said…

its better than nothing

28 April 2011 20:27

Some Guy said…

sometimes nothing is better.

28 April 2011 21:38

jez said…

might have known you would have to have the last word lol

29 April 2011 21:06

Colm said…

To think this is the last time we see Legs and Co as a sextet on TOTP…

23 May 2012 23:39

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Legs & Co. – As the time goes by

Top of the Pops, 3 September 1981:
Legs & Co. dance, as Funkapolitan perform As the time goes by.

A bunch of Limey funk pastiche merchants: with Legs & Co., in the gold, silver & bronze outfits they wore for Slow Hand in that same TOTP episode, working hard in the audience.

Thanks to neofunkyman1 for the youtube post.

From the old blog, Saturday, 16 April 2011:

Legs & Co. – As the Time Goes By
Let’s go back to 1981. Foppish white boys with floppy fringes were playing funky guitars in various post-punk bands, like Funkapolitan here. And Legs & Co. were increasingly being relegated to background dance-leaders on Top of the Pops.


Some Guy said…

The ultimate degradation being backing dancers to these spotty herberts, just soul destroying to watch. Sorry, i just can’t hack this late stuff. Dont wish to put a downer on things folks.
16 April 2011 08:49

Suefan said…

At least we have “Slow Hands” from the same show which is a good routine. A fast fist to the chops for the producer for this though. To think I thought some of the acts on the 1976 repeats were dross. Pure gold compared to thes clots.
17 April 2011 08:21

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Legs & Co. – Everybody Salsa

Top of the Pops, 3rd September 1981: Legs & co dance to Everybody Salsa by Modern Romance.

From the old blog, Thursday, 29 March 2012:

Many thanks to Bucksby, who sent me this clip from Top of the Pops, 3rd September 1981. At this late stage on their TOTP career, Legs & Co. were all to often relegated to the background, as they are here. But at least we get a few seconds of Gill and Lulu (and even a little Sue) at the beginning of the clip, with Peter Powell.


PattiforPM said…

Thanks Bucksby and YMG for this. Once again lovely costumes and enthusiastic dancing but a mere bagatelle of camera shots awarded to our fine troupe.

30 March 2012 04:48

Suefan said…

What a fine way to open the show with Gill, Sue and Lulu all in shot. Thanks for this excellent copy Bucksby.

30 March 2012 20:09

Some Guy said…

Yeah, cheers for this one Bucksby, much appreciated. Lovely clear vid in terms of visual quality and its sure nice to see the smiles on Sue and the other girls faces in this.

30 March 2012 22:08

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Legs & Co – Startrax Club Disco

Top of the Pops, 13 August 1981: Legs & Co dance to Startrax Club Disco by Startrax.

Here’s another of those Frankendisco cover medley records that I’ve moaned about many times before. The producers couldn’t even be bothered to think up two separate names for the “record” and the mostly imaginary “artists” who made it: which says a lot about the amount of effort they put into the record itself.

But enough of my moaning: at least this Bee-Gees-Macédoine of a record gives Legs & Co. the chance to perform a pretty entertaining routine. Marred only by the dry ice which (as ever) gets a bit out of hand, their outfits are from the more tasteful end of the eighties clobber spectrum.

When the casual Bee Gees butchery reaches Tragedy, Lulu whips out a pierrot hat and a café chair to do a cheeky like excerpt from the full Tragedy routine.

Then Gill grabs an audience member for a boy-girl performance: a “member of the audience” who seems both astonishingly adept and surprisingly well rehearsed. It gets quite steamy: or maybe that’s just the dry ice again.

All in all, a lot more fun than I expected.

Thanks to Andeebee for this YouTube post.

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Legs & Co – Caribbean Disco Show

Top Of The Pops, 6 August 1981:
Legs & Co. dance to Caribbean Disco Show by Lobo

Here’s one of those medley-with-a-click-track sausage records that filled the charts back in 1981. In this case, Lobo chop up a bunch of hoary old calypso songs and discofy them.

Meanwhile Legs & Co., in appropriately skimpy beach wear, frolic around with a giant banana and a set of steel drums. My ageing brain can’t remember if the summer of 1981 was a particularly good one, but all the girls seem to have healthy tans. And though her default mood is usually quite dolorous, I don’t recall seeing Patti smile so much in any other performance. In fact they all look relaxed and happy here. And when Legs & Co. are happy, aren’t we all happy?

Thanks to SuPaLu for the YouTube post.

I was stumped when searching for information about the artist: all I could find out was about the other Lobo, who had a hit with “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo”. Surely this can’t be the same guy? Apart from the massive stylistic difference, he was an American, and this whole record smacks of euro-disco to me.

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Legs & Co – Stars on 45 vol. 2 (23 July 1981)

Top of the Pops, 23 July 1981: Legs & Co dance to Starsounds’ “Stars on 45 vol. 2”.

After having dance to the real Abba’s Lay All Your Love On Me earlier in the show, Legs & Co. have to dance to this ersatz frankendisco mash-up of Abba hits, which they had danced to only a fortnight before. With some audience participation blokes.

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Legs & Co. – Walk Right Now

Top of the Pops, 16 July 1981: Legs & Co. dance to The Jacksons’ Walk Right Now.

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Legs & Co. – Wordy Rappinghood

Top Of The Pops 9 July 1981:
Legs & Co. dance to Wordy Rappinghood by Tom Tom Club

These groovy little outfits with chunky triangular decorations and big fringes have an air of cartoon cave girl quality: combined with the unison dancing of charleston moves, the whole performance has the feel of a night club chorus line in a Flintstones cartoon. In a good way, I mean. A spirited performance.

Though rap had been around for a few years by 1981, it was still a chart novelty in the UK. Just as had happened with calypso before it, performances by uncool square people who Should Have Known Better would eventually give rap by White Folks a terrible name. But all that was in the future, and Tina Weymouth and her sister manage to give a creditable performance here. From one of my favourite records of 1981.

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