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Pan’s People – Singalong Junk

The Two Ronnies, Series 3, Episode 5, 22 November 1973:
Pan’s People dance to Singalong Junk by Paul McCartney.

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Pan’s People – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Top of the Pops, 21 November 1974: Pan’s People dance to Bachman Turner Overdrive’s You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.

After posting a fragment of this routine on Friday, I received this full version from a generous donor, who wishes to remain anonymous. Hooray! In skimpy tops, bare midriffs, tight jeans and oh-so-seventies glam-rock silver go-go boots, Pan’s People dance to one of the great catchy rock hits of the early seventies.

Thanks to the anonymous donor for this rare classic performance.

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Pan’s People – Great Balls of Fire

A Pan’s People routine from Georgie Fame & Alan Price’s TV Show The Price of Fame on 20 November 1969. It’s the early Andi/Flick version of PP, dancing in classic early-seventies see-through yellow outfits, while Georgie & Alan sing and play Great Balls of Fire, and the titles roll.

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Pan’s People – Then Came You

Top of the Pops, 7 November 74:
Pan’s People dance to Then Came You by Dionne Warwick & The Detroit Spinners

Here’s another rare Pan’s People performance courtesy of a generous donor. American should hits were the bread & butter of Pan’s People’s repertoire, and this is an excellent example.

Going by their outfits and general demeanour, I’m guessing those two blokes Jimmy S. ropes in top help with his introduction are performers: looking at the line-up for that TOTP, I reckon Splinter are the best candidates. Can anyone confirm this?

Many thanks to my anonymous contributor.

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Pan’s People – Close to You

Top of the Pops 15 October 1970: Pan’s People dance to The Carpenters’ Close to You.

From the old blog, Tuesday, 24 May 2011:

Don’t panic: there’s no sound for the first few secomds of this clip, so we don’t get to hear Tony Blackburn’s introduction. No doubt he was his usual braindead showbiz zombie self: look at the forced, fixed grins on the audience members around him.

Anyway, here are Pan’s People auditioning to play the Bennett sisters in Pride & Prejudice, as they dance to The Carpenters’ Close To You.


Miss Peelpants said…

Never mind their costumes, the girl to the right of Mr Blackburn is wearing the most AMAZING Ossie Clark dress and I want to jump into the video and nab it…
24 May 2011 12:22

Some Guy said…

Miss P, do you mean the girl who wearing the horrible green thing. I reckon youd look better in the black outfit that the Young Carol Vorderman lookalike is wearing !
24 May 2011 17:07

PattiforPM said…

Well I looked horrid in all that turn of the 70s gear myself! Anyway this is a nice routine, easy listening and easy watching too.
24 May 2011 18:44

Suefan said…

Thank you bucksby, so nice to watch a Pans routine I’d never seen before. Another that features Andi has to be a real treat, although how can anybody choose from amongst these sisters as they are all so elegant and poised. Miss FC should also take a bow for her classy routine. How she would have graced one of those flowing dresses herself.
24 May 2011 22:06

carl said…

this was 5 years before I was even born so the audience in this clip will be about my mums age and drawing their pensions really hard to believe! This is the only full colour show from 1970 that still exists sadly. I hadn’t even heard of Ossie Clark before so I googled his name and found out about him. You learn something every day πŸ™‚
24 May 2011 22:41

Miss Peelpants said…

There’s nothing horrible about it, I would kill to own it! πŸ˜‰
Here’s a photo of Charlotte Rampling wearing it in blue.
25 May 2011 13:27

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Pan’s People – I Get a Kick out of You

Top of the Pops, 10 October 1974: Pan’s People dance to I Get a Kick out of You by Gary Shearston.

Pan’s people in white lacey undies dancing to Gary Shearston, singing an old Cole Porter classic. Rescued from oblivion by the sainted Grant Watkins, who included this routine on his demonstration tape, presumably because of the sophisticated multi-layered blue-screen matting & feedback effects: the fact that it features Pan’s People in stockings and suspenders would have had nothing to do with it. Oh no.

Gary Shearston turns out to be an Australian folk singer: so that accounts for the slightly unusual accent in this performance, when I had always taken to be some sort of cockney.

From the old blog, Monday, 24 December 2012:

I’ve received an interesting video disk from a generous anonymous donor: labelled “BBC Demonstration Tape”, it contains various clips from BBC music and comedy shows from the seventies, including a few performances from Pan’s people and Legs & Co. Most of them are on the blog already, but here’s one we don’t have: Pan’s People dancing to I Get a Kick out of You.

From the line-up, this must be sometime in late 1974 or early 1975. I had idea who the singer is, but PattiforPM has identified him as Gary Shearston, and the TOTP date was October 10 1974. While the inserted clip of Dick Emery & Henry McGee is not ideal, let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth. At the end, we get the now-very-familiar “Beautiful Babs” clip from Porridge.

My donor is keen to give credit for the tape to the late Grant Watkins, who was also responsible for the BBC VT Department’s traditional christmas blooper tapes for 1978 and 1979 which both featured guest appearances from Legs & Co.

Merry Christmas and many thanks to my anonymous benefactor.

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Pan’s People – Monster Mash

Top of the Pops, 27 September 1973: Pan’s People dance to Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt Kickers again.

Top of the Pops, 13 September 1973: Pan’s People dance to Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt Kickers.

A mere snippet of this version, with only a few brief glimpses of PP.

Thanks to and ASmK & Andeebee for the YouTube posts.

From the old blog, Saturday 30 October 2010:

Here’s a couple of special treats for the Halloween season: not just a clip of Pan’s People dancing to Monster Mash: two clips!. The first will probably be the most familiar: the girls in monster-movie themed fancy dress. Louise get the easy option as a sort of tap-dancing vampire. Deedee is an egyptian mummy with a twenties flavour. Cherry is the cutest bat you’ve ever seen. Ruth draws the short straw in the gorilla outfit as King Kong. And I just can’t make out what Babs in meant to be: an alien car-hop?

The second is an earlier clip, from the time when Top of the Pops regularly commisioned and created short films to show where the artists weren’t available to perform in the studio. Here, amidst various kooky spooky goings on, Pan’s People dance around in a vaulted basement wearing sexy Morticia-Adams-type outfits. Merely a small taste in this incomplete clip, I’m afraid, but it’s all I can find.

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Pan’s People – Nutbush City Limits

Top of the Pops 20 September 1973: Pan’s People dance to Ike & Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits

Thanks to panspeople.com for this YouTube clip.

A fine flamboyant hair-shaking hip-swiviling perfomance to one of the classic pop songs about the frustrations of parochial life in a small town, from Nutbush Tennessee‘s most famous child, Annie Mae Bullock.

This routine was posted on the old blog, but no cached version of the comments have survived, unfortunately.

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Pan’s People – Tap Turns On The Water

Top of the Pops, 16 September 1971:
Pan’s People dance to Tap Turns On The Water by CCS.

I had posted a version of this rare Pan’s People treat on the old blog: but as many people remarked, there were audio/video synching problems with it. Soon I was sent this properly synched version from a different source.

Pan’s People are dancing in a grand victorian palace of industry, which I thought at first was Battersea Power Station (being the ignorant provincial I am): but “OB” (aka Albert Trinker) soon put me right:

Turns out they’re in the Kempton Park pumping station. You can see the huge Engine No. 6 that they’re dancing on/in front of here.

Steam power and PP! Ticks so many boxes! πŸ™‚

OB (aka Albert!)

I’m grateful to the generous donor who sent this clip, but I can’t remember if they had asked to remain anonymous or not. Please get in touch if you want to by credited by name.

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Pans People – One of These Nights

Top of the Pops, 28th August 1975: Pans People dance to One of These Nights by The Eagles.

From the old blog, Saturday, 30 October 2010:

Here’s a higher quality version of a clip posted a while ago by ilovelulu: Pan’s People dancing to The Eagles’ One of These Nights.

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.


carl said…

This is how the lovely Pans people looked like the day I was born!
26 May 2011 13:03

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