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Ruby Flipper – Heart on My Sleeve

Top of the Pops, 3rd of June 1976: Ruby Flipper dance to Gallagher & Lyle’s Heart on My Sleeve.

Thanks to Andeebee for the DailyMotion post.

From the old blog, Tuesday, 14 June 2011

From last night’s BBC 4 repeat of Top of the Pops from June 3rd 1976, here’s Ruby Flipper dancing to Gallagher & Lyle’s Heart on My Sleeve.


PattiforPM said…

Really smooth action from the Flipsters. The couples’ together are particularly good in this number. Jez’s palm tree also looking good BTW!
14 June 2011 12:49

Suefan said…

Thanks for posting this one with such alacrity YMG and what a great number it is, silky smooth and easily one of their best. Sue, that fairest of Flippers, that richest of Rubies looks fantastic in that great dress and dances a blinder. Oh, and the other three aren’t at all bad either.
14 June 2011 12:54

jez said…

yes at last my palm tree routine as finally been identified after 7 years of takin a guess as to what the routine was ,good song by gallagher and lyle also always reminds me of hot summer days ,cherry looks paricular good in this performance but she was always my favourite pans person ,i bet carl got himself excited when he saw this routine lol
14 June 2011 14:27

carl said…

yes I was excited but I am the different Carl (bucksby) Whilst praising Sue on the forum I neglected to mention Cherry who also looks fantastic.
14 June 2011 14:45

Carl said…

Yes, I did get very excited Jez, as you will understand. It EXISTS!!
I’m the other Carl- It’s hello from me and it’s hello from him.
A very smooth and nicely choreographed number and not a sign of over-literal hearts on over-literal sleeves. That’s why the pictures of this on the TOTP 40th birthday DVD with other soundtrack, would have made it difficult to guess. Could have been ‘Afternoon Delight’ I suppose, but isn’t it evening time on the set with a full moon?
14 June 2011 17:36

Carl said…

Thanks so much to YMG for putting it on the blog and getting this out into the public domain of cyberspace, where no one has until now been able to find it.
All four Ruby Flipper members look cool in this.
14 June 2011 17:40

Carl said…

when one does a Google search for Ruby Flipper ‘Heart On My Sleeve’
you are the first person to have posted it in the whole world on the www, as the only link that comes up thus far is this blog’s video.
You are a pioneer sir. You’ve done very well!
14 June 2011 18:16

jez said…

yes i thought you would be chuffed when this routine was shown carl ,it is really good to see a routine that has not been seen since the date of first transmission viewed again ,i must admit the very brief snippet of this routine that was included on the totp 40th anniversary dvd was very hard to determine which song went with the routine ,the only things that my brain would register with from that snippet was gold palm trees and the 4 dancers ,and i can still not understand when people say this is a recent recovery when it was included on the official bbc dvd at least six years ago ,i tell u what though if i could see pans people dancing again to the rare routines of you can do magic and seasons in the sun ,i would be like a little kid on xmas morning ,but i am for ever hopeful that one day some of these supposingly wiped clips will resurface somewhere
14 June 2011 22:48

Carl said…

Yes Jez,
Amazing this had never ever got out on the Internet all these years. It’s a special routine because it was the only ‘missing’ RF routine that wasn’t technically missing.
Someone on Popscene was saying that this edition was discovered back in 2000 (I think)- so too late for U.K. Gold, but still enough time for Einsfestival. Wonder why Einsfestival were never sent this? I think Suefan suspects the copy wasn’t previously in good working order.
15 June 2011 12:08

Suefan said…

So a little beebie told me Carl, that it just needed a little work in places to make itself presentable as it were. Will be interesting to see the full version of the show on Saturday (I’m not stopping up for the Thursday night/Friday morning one).
15 June 2011 12:40

Some Guy said…

Yes after about my twentieth viewing of this, im still not bored of it. Well worth the 35 year wait i must say, well for me anyway. Just cant fault it, even Sues bed sheet dress is starting to look good now.I just cant decide which period of time she looks sexiest in, if push comes to shove, id plump for the Ruby period. Yes Phil certainly gets the gig with this girl,lucky man, he looks kinda cool with his flared slacks and greased back hair!
15 June 2011 17:30

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Ruby Flipper – Back in the USSR

Top of the Pops, 15 July 1976:
Ruby Flipper dance to The Beatles’ Back in the USSR.

Ruby Flipper go Soviet: the girls in peasant smocks, the guys as furried-up cossacks. EMI re-released (or rather re-promoted) all of their Beatles singles catalogue in 1976, with the result of a smattering of old Beatles numbers in the charts that summer, including this one.

From the old blog, Momnday, 15 February 2010:

Ruby Flipper dancing to the Beatles’ Back in the USSR: their first of two appearances on Top of the Pops, 15 Juy 1976. Introduced by Panurus Biarmicus, with some shockingly bad puns on the theme of Russia.

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Ruby Flipper – Tubular Bells

Top of the Pops 8 July 1976:
Ruby Flipper dance to Tubular Bells by The Champs Boys Orchestra.

The glorious summer of 1976: the Full Flipper, including Gavin & Cherry, dance to a condensed, funked-up cover version of Mike Oldfield’s magnum opus. Thanks to panspeople.com for the YouTube post.

From the old blog: Sunday, 7 February 2010:

Ruby Flipper in the Blue Peter Garden, dance to Tubular Bells by The Champ’s Boys Orchestra. Top of the Pops 8 July 1976. Whats the biggest faux pas a disc jockey could possibly make? I reckon mixing up the artist name with the song title sets off my useless showbiz zombie alert. Watch Tony Blandbairn’s introduction and decide for yourself.


Some Guy said…

Tony Heartburn, you’re an idiot!
22 December 2010 17:05

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Ruby Flipper – TVC 15

Top of the Pops 27 May 1976: Ruby Flipper dance to David Bowie’s TVC 15.

The Flipper blokes does some arty moving around in a living room set: the girls are nowhere to be seen, apart from Sue’s appearance on the wall of tellys. All in all, a very peculiar routine. That art deco carpet is quite nice, though.

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

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Ruby Flipper – Sold My Rock’n’Roll

Top of the Pops, 17 June 1976.

Ruby Flipper dance to Sold My Rock’n’Roll by Linda and the Funky Boys.

Thanks to panspeople.com for the YouTube post.

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