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Pan’s People – You Sexy Sugar Plum

Top of the Pops, 22 April 1976: Pan’s People dance to Rodger Collins’ You Sexy Sugar Plum.

From the old blog, Tuesday, 2 November 2010:

Mary’s presence places this in the late period of Pan’s People’s reign on TOTP. Even though those outfits look like they came from charity shops, their brevity seems to fit well with the song title: You Sexy Sugar Plum by Roger Collins.


Some Guy said…

Not seen this one before, so thanks young mister grace for posted it. Not sure if its possible for a fresh faced sue menhenick to look any fitter.
7 November 2010 00:30

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Pan’s People – Paperback Writer

Top of the Pops, 8 April 1976: Pan’s People dance to Paperback Writer by The Beatles.

Cherry, Mary, Ruth and Sue dance among paperback book racks of the sort only now seen in charity shops, clutching open books.

In early 1976, EMI re-launched* all of their Beatles singles catalogue, along with a new single release of Yesterday (already a hit in America in 1965, it was only originally released as an album and EP track in the UK). Here’s one of the couple that made it into the charts on relaunch, the 1966 hit Paperback Writer. The song had been kept alive in the public’s ear through its use as a theme tune to Read All About It, Melvyn Bragg’s BBC book review programme.

* Realunched, as opposed to re-released: all the singles had remained available in the EMI catalogue since their original release: none had been deleted.

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Pan’s People – Jungle Rock

Top of the Pops, April 1st 1976: Pan’s People dance to Hank Mizell’s Jungle Rock.

One of the rare few songs that both Pan’s People and Legs & Co. have danced to, this performance is much more substantial than Legs & Co’s loose festive reprise in the Christmas episode later that year. Some neat choreography here, and the on-safari victorian explorer outfits are pretty cute. Some nice dancing from the animals too.

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Pan’s People – Yesterday

Top of the Pops, 25 march 1976: Pan’s People dance to The Beatles’ Yesterday.

From the old blog, Friday, 26 August 2011:

Yet another generous contribution from PattiforPM: here are Pan’s People dancing to the Fab Four’s Yesterday, part of the great Beatles reissued-singles chart onslaught of 1976.


Some Guy said…

Thanks P4PM, another late PP treat, dont remember this dance first time round. Like the imaginative choreography with the large circular steps and love Cherrys dead pan stare at 1.17 also. All super stuff.
27 August 2011 08:39

Suefan said…

Like Ryan I like the choreography; the costumes, now that’s another matter.
27 August 2011 15:14

PattiforPM said…

I too love Cherry’s commanding performance here. The costumes are a little strange, perhaps biblical grass skirts but I’m not sure. Where’s Ms Emmapeelpants our resident fashionista when we need her?
29 August 2011 01:57

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Pan’s People: All-Time Top Twenty Countdown

Here’s a treat, in the style of a seventies TOTP chart rundown: The All-Time Top Twenty Pan’s People routines, as chosen by OFTD Forum members.

My thanks to Forum regulars VintageVideos and Legsfan, who have put this compilation together.

…And look our for their extra Valentine’s Day surprise at the end…

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Pan’s People – Space Oddity

Top of the Pops 23 December 1975:
Pan’s People dance to Space Oddity by Davis Bowie.

Preceded by a pot calling a kettle black.

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Pan’s People – Island Girl

TOTP 16 October 1975: Rehearsal footage of Pan’s People dancing to Elton John’s Island Girl.

Dubbed Sound version:

Original rehearsal footage:

From the old blog, Friday, 12 August 2011:

Katy miss queenie requested this routine a while ago: I didn’t have it, but beautifulbabs pointed me to this YouTube video, which I think was uploaded by our good friends over at panspeople.com. It’s a recording of a TOTP rehearsal (PP appear around the 3:57 mark), and while it’s fascinating stuff, the performance itself is hampered by audio from the studio gallery drowning out ole’ Reg Dwight.

So at katy miss queenie’s suggestion, I’ve dubbed audio from the original record, to get a better idea of the performance. That’s meant a further slight degradation of video quality, which wasn’t to great to start with, but it seems like the best we can get. Unless of course, someone out there has a better quality version.


PattiforPM said…

Excellent work YMG. I thought only HLPR could do this kind of clever stuff around here. Can’t believe the actual performance was any better except for the colours.

12 August 2011 22:18

Suefan said…

Yes well done YMG, much better without the PA chatter. Always the gent P4pm but it looks a little rough around the edges to me. Some of those girls at the back of the class aren’t paying proper attention and mistress Flick will be on their case if they are not careful!

12 August 2011 22:29

mojo2007 said…

Could we also have the original sounds, so I can try out what the various instruction mean. thank you

16 August 2011 21:58

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Pan’s People – Theme from ‘Mahogany’ (Do You Know Where You’re Going To?)

Top of the Pops, 15 April 1976 Pan’s People dance to Do You Know Where You’re Going To? by Diana Ross, theme song for her 1975 film, “Mahogany”.

Cherry, Mary, Ruth and Sue all look sombre as they wander around an uninspired set made up of big white unadorned blocks, a wintery leafless tree, and some moody muslin fabric.

I’ve never seen the film: by all accounts it wasn’t up to much. As bad as The Wiz, perhaps? I doubt it would be as much fun to watch as that glorious folly.

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

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Pan’s People – A Kind of Hush

Top of The Pops, 8th April 1976, Pan’s People dance to the Carpenter’s A Kind of Hush.

Late-period Pan’s people, not long before the switch to Ruby Flipper.

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

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Pan’s People – Big Spender

The Morecombe & Wise Show Christmas Day 1975:
Eric, Ernie and Pans People dance to Big Spender.

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Saturday, 2 June 2012

Here’s Pan’s People making a guest appearance on Morecambe & Wise’s 1975 Christmas Special. They’re dancing with the boys while Brenda Arnau sings Big Spender.

In a style M & W often used, the routine starts as an apparently straight music number, focusing on the singer: only after two minutes have passed, about halfway through the performance, do the boys appear, dressed as sleazy showgirls a la Sweet Charity, amongst Pan’s People. Since the boys are the stars, obviously the camera stays on them: unfortunately as the routine is mimicking the Sweet Charity all-in-a-line choreography, that means we barely get to see Sue and Cherry at the ends of the line: only Ruth and Mary, right next to M & W, get much camera time.


PattiforPM said…

Yup Mary and Ruth are visible but far too little of the other three ladies here. I think Ernie looks hotter than Eric “by a hair”! Pans could have done such a steamy routine to this on their own….
2 June 2012 22:06

Some Guy said…

Good to see Mary getting some camera time. I like her outfit, she looks like an extra from Austin Powers.
2 June 2012 22:16

Suefan said…

Something of a travesty to crop the view in such a way without so much as a single Pan shot down the chorus line!
10 June 2012 10:06

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