Legs & Co. – Bermuda Triangle

Top of the Pops, 23rd of April 1981: Legs & Co. dance to to Barry Manilow’s Bermuda Triangle.

Splashy fun in colourful bikinis, in the TOTP paddling pool.

This clip is dedicated to the old blog’s original commentator Hadeel, who first requested it.

Update 2021:Thanks to OFTD blog guru Doc for sending me this version, with much-improved video quality.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 6 August 2014 :

There was something familiar about that Hot Gossip clip that I posted last week: something it reminded me of. I think it that set design based predominantly around the triangle. Triangles, yes. I know what it was: Bermuda Triangle. Legs & Co splashed around in a few inches of water in front of a similarly triangle-heavy set to Barry Manilow’s song about love in the dangerous North Atlantic. Okay it’s a much simpler set, but it’s still a bunch of big triangles.

You can imagine the TOTP set designers train of thought: “Well, we could spend all week setting up fake palm trees and an azure sky backdrop to get the studio looking like a tropical beach: but the effect would be ruined by our paddling pool looking like a giant black bin-liner. Also, with Legs & Co. dancing in skimpy bikinis, who’s going to be looking at the set design anyway? So let’s just set up a couple of huge canvas triangles instead.”

I’ll get around to posting the Hot Gossip clip mentioned here eventually, along with various others. Right now I’m concentrating on replacing the core TOTP performances from the lost blog.

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