Legs & Co. – Theme from “Jaws”

TOTP 28 October 1976: Legs & Co. dance to Lalo Schifrin’s Theme from “Jaws”.

Thanks to panspeople.com for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Monday, 31 October 2011:

More signs of my developing senility: I could have sworn I’d posted this clip long long ago. But when PattiforPM sent me a copy (pointing out that Ryan had requested it over on the discussion board) I searched the blog, and found nothing.

So here are Legs & Co (well not L&C yet: the clip starts with the postal address for the their naming competition) in wetsuits, dancing to Lalo Schifrin’s funked-up take on John Williams’ Jaws theme.


Some Guy said…

What a great clip this one is though, with the Headgirl finishing it off in great style.
31 October 2011 14:16

Suefan said…

In the close-up YMG has used I’m not sure if Sue is afraid of the shark or has just seen the inaugural performance of that little known punk band the “Drooping Whatsits”.
2 November 2011 09:50

PattiforPM said…

Good early routine for L&C. Tempting to swim along in my Speedos and save these frightened beauties but then they’d be even more afraid! I could introduce SueFan’s Punk band though.

2 November 2011 22:59

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