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Legs & Co. – Uptown Top Ranking

Top of the Pops 19 Junauary 1978: Legs & Co. dancing to Althea & Donna’s Uptown Top Ranking.

From the old blog, Monday, 17 January 2011:

Here’s a great clip sent by PattiforPM: Legs & Co. dancing to Althea & Donna’s Uptown Top Ranking. Many thanks to PattiforPM for sending this clip.


jez said…

great clip many thanks to patti4pm and ymg for this .jez
19 January 2011 15:29

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Legs & Co. – This Is It

Top of The Pops, Friday 19th January 1979:
Legs & Co. dance to This Is It by Dan Hartman.

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Legs & Co. – Green Onions

Top of the Pops, 17 January 1980:
Legs & Co. dance to Green Onions by Booker T & the MGs.

Though outfits in bold geometric black & white designs were certainly around in the wardrobes of groovy mid-sixties chicks, it was really the mod revival of the late seventies, influenced by the strong minimalist graphic style of the Two-Tone record label’s promotional graphics, that led to these mini dresses becoming an iconic fashion phenomenon.

But plimsoles and white pop socks? When I posted this routine on the old blog, I assumed these were an attempt to simulate the white go-go boots that were even more iconic. But surely the mighty BBC wardrobe department would be able to come up with the real thing?

Now I’ve watched it again, with the benefit of a clearer BBC4 repeat, I think there’s another explanation. There’s a lot of nimble footwork in this performance: in particular, more ankle and toe movements than you’d typically see. I wonder if Flick and the wardrobe people considered and rejected real go-go boots, fearing substantial patent leather or PVC boots would make this routine more difficult. In that case, the white gym-shoe/sock combination would have been a visually similar substitution. Just my speculation, of course.

Discuss the routine over on the OFTD Forum.

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Legs & Co. – I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It

Top of the Pops, 15 January 1981: Legs & Co. dancing to Stevie Wonder’s I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It.

Bondage gear was co-opted by the first generation of British punks from the twilight fetish world, as a means of shocking and outraging both the square world of respectability and their hated hippy predecessors. But by 1981, bondage gear was just another cliché in the fashion arsenal, the shock value reduced by familiarity.

Here Legs & Co.’s outfits combine the punky bondage gear of the late seventies with the rising fashion icon of the eighties: the dreaded leg-warmers. While Sue and Pauline are wearing those big nylon razor-cut wigs that were so cool, so briefly.

Thanks for the YouTube post to… Me!

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Legs & Co. – Car Wash

Top of the Pops, 13 January 1977: Legs & Co. dance to Car Wash by Rose Royce. From the movie of the same name.

A lively, fun performance, with some creative choreography. Those spinning brushes seem to be half christmas trees, half doctor-who villains. Hey, I’ve just noticed that the dancers have their names printed on their caps!

Thanks to panspeople.com for the youtube post.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 16 May 2012:


Suefan said…

Well they always rev my engine!
18 May 2012 11:29

PattiforPM said…

This routine has definitely grown on me. You can’t help but smile at the Ladies’ antics and those goofy rotating brushes and the caps and outfits have their own appeal.
21 May 2012 01:06

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Legs & Co. reunited on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Takeaway

Legs & Co. dance to We Are Family by Sister Sledge, on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Takeaway

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Sunday, 19 February 2012:

I’ve never been a fan of cheeky Geordie double-act Ant & Dec, so I missed this Legs & Co. appearance on their Saturday Takeaway in 2003. Since this appearance came up on our discussion board, I’ve searched in vain to find it. But some kind soul has finally sent it to me.

There’s one mystery: in a couple of brief long shots in the early portion, Patti is clearly there, at the end of the row (our left): but in the later dance sequence (to Sister Sledge’s We Are Family), she doesn’t appear. It can’t be that they only had six lettered jump-suits, surely?


carl said:

Excellent! I even bought the Ant & dec takeaway dvd in the hope that the routine would be on there (sadly it wasnt and I feel shameful about buying an Ant & Dec dvd) but hey great to see at last!
19 February 2012 09:14

Some Guy said:

Thanks to whoever sent this in, this is one of them missing jewels in the crown i thought we would never have on the blog. This is truely excellent, a real treat.
19 February 2012 10:45

PattiforPM said:

This is bloody brilliant. So great to see the ladies in this setting at last. Thanks so much for this YMG/SW
19 February 2012 15:22

Suefan said:

What a nice treat this is and all the girls (sorry ladies) look gorgeous. When your hot your hot. Period.
19 February 2012 10:06

Some Guy said:

This gets better after every view, must be 20 times now ive watched it. They say you never lose it and boy, do these ladies prove that theory. Wonderful stuff.
20 February 2012 19:19

Suefan said:

Your not wrong there Some Guy. This is just great and a big thank you to YMG/SW.
20 February 2012 21:09

Marshyman said:

Fantastic. They all look so happy to be there. I would to bring them together for a stage show to answer questions, review some of the routines and also speak to some of the boys now men who just adored them.If no one want to arrange, then I will. I know the O2 arena would be packed!!! Love you girls. Marshyman (Phil)
12 April 2012 21:41

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Legs & Co. – Please Don’t Go

Top of the Pops, 10th January 1980: Legs & Co. dance to Please Don’t Go by KC & the Sunshine Band.

A treat for Gill fans, as she gets a couple of spotlights here.

Everyone does well keeping the melancholy atmosphere of this sad ballet going, even though somebody has left the studio door open and that January breeze is fair whipping up.

From the old blog, Friday, 11 May 2012

The embedded video on my previous post of this routine seem to be broken: and since PattiforPM Suefan (thanks!) has sent me a better quality version of the same routine, I thought it deserved a new post. So here are Legs & Co. dancing to KC & the Sunshine Band’s Please Don’t Go.


Some Guy said…

Gillian is just wonderful in this, a truely beautiful woman. By far my favourite KC song too. Thanks Suefan for this improved version.
11 May 2012 16:47

carl said…

Yes I agree with Ryan regarding Gill, she is stunning in this. I like the song too, I don’t recall it at the time (too young) but I remember the KWS dance version from 1992 very well.
11 May 2012 17:50

Adorable Gillusion said…

Thank you Suefan for posting this, i was desperate to see Gill in this one and she didn’t disappoint….absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Love you Gill.
11 May 2012 19:49

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Legs & Co. – Lonely Together

Top Of The Pops 8 January 1981: Legs & Co dance to Lonely Together by Barry Manilow.

Legs & Co. in a sombre mood, dancing to this slow ballad, from the Sultan of Soppy Songs. I’ll refrain from the usual cheap shots that usually accompany any mention of Mr. Manilow. After all, anyone who give our favourite dancers an excuse to splash around in Bikinis deserves our respect and gratitude.

Update: Better quality version from BBC4 repeat.

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Legs & Co. – Don’t Give Up On Us

TOTP, January 6 1977: Legs & Co. dance to David Soul’s Don’t Give Up On Us.

Thanks to panspeople.com for the YouTube post.

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Legs & Co. – September

Top of the Pops 04/01/1979:
Legs & Co. dance to Earth Wind & Fire’s September.

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