Legs & Co. – All Over The World

Top of the Pops, 14 August 1980:
Legs & Co. dance to All Over The World by The Electric Light orchestra (ELO).

From the old blog, Wednesday, 9 March 2011:

Here’s an international routine: Legs & Co. dancing to ELO’s All Over The World in costumes representing various countries.


Suefan said…

Who was that twit they found to introduce the girls. What a w*****. Some great costumes. That Swiss miss is a real hit.

9 MARCH 2011 16:35

Some Guy said…

Not a fan of Mr Daltrey then Suefan. Superb routine this, Yes i agree with the previous comment the swiss miss is so sexy in this clip, well like most clips actually.
Such a shame there isnt a better quality version of this,we could then appreciate the girls even more.

9 MARCH 2011 17:06

jez said…

when i first saw this routine in 1980 on totp i remember thinking to myself that was a good routine legs did tonite 31 years later and my thoughts are still the same

9 MARCH 2011 19:48

PattiforPM said…

The Girls look great but I long for a closer and clearer look at them in this routine as the outfits are great and the dance looks like great fun. I agree SueFan, Daltrey is a far better singer than presenter too

9 MARCH 2011 23:45

Update 7 July 2015: PattiforPM’s wishes are fulfilled, as we now have a much clear version of this clip, taken from a recent BBC4 Top of the Pops repeat.

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